The name of God the Merciful
It is my pleasure to present to you the channels of communication services electronic payment which was established since 2007, the company, and now is becoming a monument known in the world of information solutions and systems technology, where we seek to provide quality innovative services to our customers – the people of our dear country – to meet the needs and expectations as our company providing services for all public and private sectors, ministries, banks, companies and individuals with distinction and professionalism consistent with their goals and modern way.
The most important foundations upon which our company “channels of communication company” modern thinking, creativity and innovation, they have employed a team integrated distinct enjoys a wealth of experience in providing services to our customers, in addition to hiring tools and administrative procedures distinct and in infrastructure processing and supplying them with the latest available systems to ensure quality service Banking secrecy is high.

Our motto and our starting point is the basic “work reported speech,” a common denominator that we can commit to a constant.

We have endeavored in this edifice that we take a bold step towards unprecedented expansion, we put in front of our eyes a goal and vision Semitic strive to achieve a to be leading with the presence of concrete and notable local companies and then globally through the implementation of landmark projects in our beloved country and to maintain high level of confidence and quality of performance excellence, so proud of generations.

And our mission and our mission in the implementation of high-quality projects within a specific period of time through the recruitment and support teams also appreciate the importance of excellent working relationships and will always strive to ensure that truth and justice in our treatment with our employees, our customers and our visitors and Cherka├║na.nhan very proud of our achievements Vntorha and Ngvea each new day.

God grants success ,,,
General manager
Ibrahem Uamek