We are proud to have been involved in the Linux movement since it’s early days, and have developed a reputation as experts in all phases of network and server technologies that have Linux at their heart.
If you or your company is interested in having our team set up your Linux system(s), maintain existing installations, or if you need us to provide support for all versions of Linux, please feel free to contact us.

Linux Deployment

  • Installation
  • Data Base Servers
  • Firewall Servers
  • File Sharing
  • Authentication Servers
  • Mail Servers
  • Internet Servers
  • VOIP & AAA Billing
  • Performance Enhancements

Linux Support Services

  • Remote Administration
  • Security and System Hardening
  • Recovery and Backup Solutions
  • Support Contracts
  • Desktop Support
  • Upgrades and Hardware Solutions
  • Debugging and Problem Solving

Linux Development

  • Development on all Platforms
  • Embedded Project Development
  • Custom Distributions and Installers
  • Custom scripting and Programming
  • Custom Desktop Applications
  • Custom Database Development