Channels Tech has been serving ISPs with thousands of subscribers and resellers since 2008 using open standard technologies such as RADIUS,LDAP,SNMP.
SAS3 enables ISP managers to take full control over their precious resources and network elements. When RADIUS protocol combined with SAS3 , you get fully functional billing & accounting solutions enabling ISPs to generate vouchers and manage their resellers credit.


20 Minutes Installation

SAS3 can be installed using ISO image in less than 20 minutes. Each new installation will get 7 days trial license automatically. Database from older systems such as SAS2 can be imported with few mouse clicks.

Web Based Interface

Impressive web interface allows sysadmins to manage their subscribers and server components.


With SAS3 , all actions are logged into syslog table where admins can review and audit transactions and updates carefully.


Currently supports English & Arabic. More languages will be added soon.

Mikrotik & CISCO

Supports Mikrotik & CISCO ASR as NAS devices. PPPoE & Hotspot configurations are supported.

Import & Export

Import & Export data directly from/to excel files.

Reports & Charts

SAS3 provides visual charts & graphs for most reports. Geolocation is also available for subscribers & resellers.